"The METEOR NOW platform unlocks the predictive power of content analytics. It empowers brands with a correlation engine for performance KPIs."
~ Nate Rackiewicz

The Platform: Discover the heart of what makes your brand tick

Stories are all around us, and all stories can be analyzed with the METEOR NOW Platform. We’ve integrated Machine-Learning, Psychographics, and research inspired by the luminaries of Behavioral Economics into a prediction platform built on content analytics. It's a Correlation Engine for Performance KPIs. Correlate the psychographics of any content or brand to key performance indicators of many industries to optimize ROI! We've already done the heavy-lifting for you. The METEOR NOW Platform Vault of content is available to subscribers of the platform, and includes over 135,000 analyses of content across Film and TV, over 40,000 actors. New content types are coming soon for Finance and Political industries.

Predictive Use Cases Available From:

  • TV and Film: Ratings Prediction, Program Acquisition, Greenlighting, Casting, Scheduling, Recommendation
  • Marketing: Creative Optimization, Targeting
  • Advertising: Audience-Based Buying, Contextual Alignment
  • Finance: Short-Term and Long-Term Corporate Performance, Investment Strategies
  • Politics: Voter Insights

Meet Gazoo, for dum-dums :)

Discover how emotion moves financial markets. Enjoy analyzing emotion that underlies the news, and the relationship between that emotion and the markets. Click here:

Custom app development

METEOR NOW was founded in 2016 out of using AI to apply psychographic fingerprints to content to unlock predictive and prescriptive analytics; then correlating those analytics to performance KPIs to unlock brand insights. We then activate those insights via custom application development solutions for clients. Contact us to get started.